Superfoods to the rescue! Brand feature: Rooki Beauty

Early this year, Rooki Beauty, a new up and coming brand from Singapore popped up on my Instagram feed.

They followed me and I followed them back thinking they looked very promising. It wasn’t until a few months ago during their brand launch that I approached them and asked if they were open to any collaborations. Fortunately, they said yes and after a few months later I have tried and tested both of the products they sent me and it’s high time I do a review on them.

But before I dish out any of my reviews let’s sit back and relax for awhile and let me share what Rooki Beauty is all about. And who’s better to share all about the brand than the owner herself, Miss Hayley. The brand kindly allowed and gave me the opportunity to interview their owner about the whatnots of Rooki Beauty.

ME: How are you guys since the launch of your brand a few months ago? Any sleepless nights?

MISS HAYLEY: So far, everything has been really promising. We’ve gotten loads of great feedback and people in general have been really curious about our superfood beauty products. As for sleepless nights – I’ve had way too many to count, because my best ideas usually come right before I sleep! It’s so hard to relax sometimes, because there are simply too many problems to solve and too many things to learn.

ME: Can you share what made you decide to create Rooki Beauty? What was the push to pursue this venture in skincare?

MISS HAYLEY: I’ve always loved skincare. My university was near a Sephora and I would go there after classes every week – not to play with makeup but just to see what new skincare products were being released! Back then, Sephora did not have the “Clean At Sephora” section. Still, I recognised the need for clean beauty products that didn’t contain parabens, sulfates, drying alcohol or mineral oil. After graduating, I did a short stint in advertising but quickly realised that it wasn’t for me, and that I would do better having my own brand rather than being a mouthpiece for other brands. So I left and started Rooki Beauty.


ME: I read from the website that your brand is geared for everyone but especially those that are still newbies to the skincare game. Is that why you launched three products first?

MISS HAYLEY: Yes. We believe in keeping things simple and having just three products at the start allows us to do just that. Having a tightly curated product range also prevents consumers from getting confused. It helps us focus better and collect more targeted feedback – so we can really iron out the kinks before committing to a larger line of products.

ME: Do you consider those first three products as core items for any skincare regimen?

MISS HAYLEY: Absolutely! Having a gentle cleanser like Honey Matcha Cleansing Drops and an antioxidant rich moisturiser like Superfood Saviour Creme which also contains occlusive ingredients that prevent dryness is a great starting point for any skincare regimen. Green Pulp Paste Masque was intended to be more of a skin-perfecting product – but our followers absolutely love it and many of them use it 3 times a week. It’s a great product to use before events, or whenever your skin needs a quick pick-me-up.
ME: Each formulation of each product is loaded with superfood ingredients and what you call “Clean Chemistry”, can you expound more on what that means?

MISS HAYLEY: “Clean Chemistry” to us means leaving out harmful ingredients such as mineral oil, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, PEGs, MEA / DEA / TEA, drying alcohol, artificial fragrances, coal tar dyes and hydroquinone. You’d think this is more common, but it really isn’t. Some brands may exclude the really obvious ones like sulfates in their cleansers, yet still use PEGs or Cocamide DEA. These brands might label themselves as being sulfate-free, leading consumers to believe that they’re completely ‘clean’. Honestly, the best way to be a smart consumer is to learn how to read the ingredients list.

ME: As someone who supports brands that are against animal testing, I got to ask if you have any plans to have Rooki Beauty get certified by organizations that are against animal testing?

MISS HAYLEY: Yes, we do! We currently don’t test on animals, but we’re looking to make this official by getting certified. We are still looking for an agency to help with this.

ME: Rooki Beauty is still a baby skincare brand and you yourself can be considered a baby in this diverse world of skincare, so my question is, who are the boss babes (in the skincare community) that were your inspiration when you were still in the process of creating the brand or the ones that you aspire to be?

MISS HAYLEY: I think the founders of Summer Fridays, Marianna Hewitt and Lauren Gores Ireland have done something really extraordinary. They’ve managed to stand out in a big way in a really crowded space. I love their social-first philosophy. In Singapore, there’s a brand called Skin Inc that I really admire as well – they were the first to put Singapore on the skincare map, and the first Singaporean brand to enter Sephora. The founder of Skin Inc, Sabrina Tan, is a real visionary and made me realise that it’s totally possible for Singaporeans to dream big.

ME: Lastly, how do you see your brand in the following months or years? What’s the goal?

MISS HAYLEY: We hope to strengthen our position as a global superfood beauty brand that really works. In the following months, we will be launching three more products and we will also be working on improving our current formulas. The goal is to help as much as people as possible achieve the skin of their dreams.


Well that ends my one on one interview with none other than the brand founder of Rooki Beauty, Miss Hayley. I hope you all found this little feature helpful and insightful about the brand. My review on the two products they sent me, The Green Pulp Paste Masque and Superfood Saviour Creme will be up soon. Thanks for reading!

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