Brand Spotlight: Purito Review Comfy Water Sunblock SPF50+ PA++++

Last month, I approached Purito inquiring about a possible review collab for their new Comfy Water Sunblock SPF50+ PA++++, fortunately, they said yes and sent me another product along with the sunblock. This is my second product from the brand, with my first one being their BHA Dead Skin Moisture Gel that I won from their giveaway last year.

With that being said, I think it is high time for me to do a little brand intro before my product review.

Who is Purito?
The name was coined from two root words “Purify“, which means clean and safe products created from natural ingredients and “To” meaning going back to basics. The brand itself was envisioned by a man, Mr. Kim, with a love for skincare but saw the kbeauty market in a different light. He made sure that his brand would produce clean, safe and evnvironmentally friendly ingredients and packaging without the BS marketing strategies that made skincare cost so expensive. You can watch a detailed video of the brand history on this video.

They are also cruelty-free and as mentioned produce environment friendly packaging for their products by using recycled materials to produce the boxes that contain their bottles. They are also EWG certified meaning their ingredients are validated safe to use without any possible allergens.

Now onto the review…

What is the Comfy Water Sunblock?

It is a mineral/physical sunscreen with non-nano UV filters meaning it works quite the same with nano sized ingredients that sit on top of the skin blocking UV rays. What sets non-nano filters apart is that it doesn’t absorb into the skin that cause allergens or skin sensitivity issues. In addition, Purito made sure that their physical sunscreen would not produce any whitecast by making the sunblock 70% water based.

What it claims to do

Provide sun protection of SPF 50+ PA++++ without any whitecast.

Does not pull under or disrupt makeup.

Can be safely used by babies, pregnant mommies and for those with sensitive skin.

Non-sticky and does not clog pores.


My experience

Talk about falling in love with first use! I can completely vouch that what they claimed this sunscreen would do is a 100% true.

It glides on smoothly over my skin and the texture reminds me of the Nacific Fresh Herb Sunblock which is very creamy yet feels very lightweight and cool. It doesn’t cause any of “suffocated skin” feeling which I had while using the Klairs Soft Airy UV Essence.

It does not produce any whitecast although I can say that it does give a bit of tone up moment but doesn’t last long. You would think that a physical sunscreen would dry down matte but this isn’t the case with the Comfy Water Sunblock which gives me more of a very dewy, glowy finish.

True to its claim, my makeup stays on quite well with this underneath and doesn’t feel like I have an extra skin on top. I’ve tried using my cushion foundation over this and still worked well or even better.

I don’t mind bringing this along inside my bag. There’s no fear of spilling because it comes in a twist cap design.

Here’s a comparison photo of the different sunscreens that I currently own.


I would definitely recommend this to everyone and every skin type. My only issue is the fragrance it has. Although I don’t mind, I do prefer my products to be fragrance free.

You can check this product out at their website and on Cosmetic Jolse which retails for $17.20 for 60ml worth of product. Their brand is also available on Ebay and on Amazon.

Don’t forget to check out my Instagram @jzansnow for more skincare reviews.

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