June Fave: Bybi Beauty Babe Balm Bronze

A little backtrack info I’m sharing before I tell you guys why the BBB is my fave product during the month of June. This May, I joined a giveaway hosted by the lovely people behind Bybi Beauty and JINMEE for their Pro Planet to commemorate the celebration of Earth Day. Fortunately I won a 3 months worth of Jinmee sheetmasks and a Bybi Beauty Bundle which included the BBB, Buriti and Strawberry boosters, Smooth & Soothe Scrub, Swipe Clean and Lip Buffer. On top of all that awesome goodies, Miss Hannah, from Bybi, sent additional goodies my way. The entire package got to me a little late and I had to wait for at least a month to get it, but it was worth it. I’ve ever seen a gift this big from brands that I look up to and admire.

Thank you Miss Hannah from the Bybi Team and JINMEE for all these goodies.

The reason why I joined the giveaway is because both brands are passionate about providing eco-friendly, sustainable skincare that not only benefits our skin but also Mother Nature. Both Bybi and JINMEE have biodegradable packaging made from recycled materials. As someone who is passionate about saving the environment, especially our oceans, I felt such admiration and connection to both of these brands.

Now for the main part.

The reason why I chose the Babe Balm Bronze as my all-star fave for the month of June is because…

it’s an incredibly gorgeous product. The first time I put it on me as a highlighter I was hooked. It gave me the glow I wanted without it looking cakey on my skin.


I mean.. LOOK. AT. THAT. GLOW!

I wore it for the next week non-stop because I was still amazed at the quality of the product. The texture is so lightweight and creamy yet it doesn’t slip off my sweat af face easily. It’s housed in this cute tub, which for me is such a good choice by the brand. It makes you control how much product you want to take and at the same time provide amazing results.


To attest as to how addicted I am to this beautiful product I am willing to put this all over my face the next time my skin heals. I just want to glow forever with this as my highlighter. The Babe Balm Bronze along with the other products I just mentioned are available at their website and on their Instagram page.


That’s it for my June Fave issue! If you have any Bybi products here that you want me to try and do a review on please comment down below and don’t forget to visit my IG page @jzansnow.

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