Take A Bow: products that disappointed me

Have you ever had that moment where you get too excited to test out a new product that you hype it up during the first use but as time goes on you realize it didn’t just live up to your expectations? Let me share some of the products that have caused me more distress than care.

I. Cosrx Ultimate Moisturizing Honey Overnight Mask

I was beyond excited to finally have this in my stash since I’ve read many great reviews about this. I bought this during the great Black Friday sale at Wishtrend for only $10 or even less. The first time I used it I was amazed because it left my face so soft, I even bragged about it to my friends. After the second time I used it, I immediately had a cystic spot on my chin. I stopped using it for awhile after that and just healed that one pimple first before using it again. But alas, it really wasn’t just for me. The third try, I still came out with a pimple, a painful one at that, on another part of my face. I guess 3 uses isn’t supposed to dictate whether or not a product is for you but I got too scared to even use it again.


II. Muka Mineral Mud Mask

I wanted to love this since this was the first mud mask I’ve ever tried and that this was PR gifted as well. But sad to say it just didn’t live up to my standards and skin health. It stung whenever I put it on my face, it wasn’t painful but it sure was uncomfortable since I didn’t know what caused it. It also got very messy whenever I used it. Not worth the hassle.

III. W.ANT Acai Moringa Coco Cleanser

Because of its ingredients I was expecting great things from this cleanser and knowing it was in powder form got me more excited to test it out. At first I really liked the smell, saying it smelled of chocolate. But as weeks passed of using this, I noticed blackheads were forming on my cheeks, an area I don’t normally get one. A friend mentioned that it could be due to my cleanser not doing its job properly and I couldn’t agree more. Overtime I didn’t enjoy using this. The scent grossed me out, the dried up powder on the neck would get me anxious thinking the whole time that the whole bottle got contaminated or grew molds. Just the worst.

These are the only products that have disappointed me immensely this year. I’ll do a part two of this if I find more underwhelming products I get to try. Have you ever had the same experience as I did?

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