Brand Spotlight: Lalu Essentials “Essentially in Love”


There I was an early January morning exchanging messages with one of the most engaging brands on Instagram, Lalu Essentials, outside a fastfood restaurant while waiting for my mom and brother. We had the most random conversation from me asking if they shipped here to the Philippines to the topic of them visiting here and eating sisig and halo-halo way back in 2009.

I knew about them because of a giveaway last year and even though I hadn’t won that time I still added them to my skincare wishlist and to my surprise they had followed me back and was very engaging with me and their followers.

At the end of that conversation, I squared my shoulders before asking them if they were willing to do a collaboration with me. To my surprise they actually said yes and I kid you not, I was actually tearing up at that point. I was so happy that I was crying out tears of joy. The following days involved us exchanging more DMs and them asking what products I would love to try from them. I initially asked them if I could try their Nite Nite Recovery Masque, Face Detox and Ciao Lines serums but they mentioned they’ll also include their Orange Whipped Cream Cleanser since I mentioned I had some congestion issues and the cleanser might work for me.

After what felt like an eternity of waiting for my package, it finally arrived mid-February and opening it was like opening an early Christmas present. The packaging was beyond cute, sturdy and what I felt like represented the people behind the brand really well.


They are a small business but have big dreams, based in Long Beach, California. Their passion is to provide skincare product that will be loved by their customers and are made from high quality ingredients. Their Instagram page isn’t filled with models but of real customers featuring Lalu Essential products sharing their very own experiences while using them. They are also slowly making a name for themselves by being featured in three different Vogue magazines.


Now that you all know who they are, I’ll share my experiences while using their products. Note that I have only used 3 out of 4 of the items they’ve sent me, the cleanser and the two serums so those  will be what I’m giving a review now.


Orange Whipped Cream Cleanser


I’ve been using this cleanser for a little over 3 months, already made a review about this on my Instagram page and I am still beyond in love with this. Just a little disclaimer, before receiving this product the previous I used wasn’t that effective at properly cleansing my face. I had blackheads at areas I normally don’t get, just goes to show how ineffective it was. So when I got this I was really excited to finally rid myself of my old one and move on to the next.

Based on the ingredients list, it’s filled with emollient properties which gives that moisturized feeling after using it.

  1. Petrolatum: an occlusive agent that prevents TEWL
  2. Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice
  3. C12-15 alkyl benzoate: emollient makes everything smooth and silky
  4. Cetyl alcohol: fatty alcohol, makes skin more smooth and emollient property
  5. laureth-4: surfactant used which has a pretty high comedogenic rating of 5 and can cause irritation
  6. Safflower seed oil: moisturizing fatty acids + antioxidant vit e
  7. Sorbitan stearate: emulsifier
  8. Triethanolamine
  9. Orange peel oil: essential oil
  10. Phenoxyethanol + Ethylhexylglycerin: preservatives
  11. Tetrasodium dicarboxymethyl glutamate
  12. Yellow 6 (FDA approved color)

The texture is kind of an in between of a gel and cream cleanser which personally makes it perfect for someone like me with a combination skin. It glides on real easily although there is some separation going on if product is left out in the open n (but with lids on, of course). It didn’t dry my skin out at all, thank goodness and really wasn’t stripping.

Even though it has that creamy consistency, it did and still does a great job at cleansing my skin. Ever since I’ve used it I didn’t have a huge amount of blackheads forming all over my cheeks and the scent is just relaxing. At the end of the day, you just want all those gunk out of your face with the additional relaxing aroma of oranges, this is the cleanser for you. My only issues are the added color, I mean we can all live without that right? The packaging is also kind of a nuisance to work with, I wish they would repackage this soon as a tube or a pump style bottle just to make it more practical and travel friendly. This is definitely an HG product for me and I would totally buy this in a heartbeat.

Face Detox


I didn’t use the serums immediately because I still had too many open and I wanted my skin to heal first before adding in new products, that’s why this and the Ciao Lines took awhile for me to review.


This serum is chock-full of antioxidants, 18 to be in fact. It claims to inhibit free radicals that contribute to aging ans uneven skin tone.

  1. 6 Superfruits: Acai berry, Goji and Noni fruits, Mangosteen, Pomegranate and Coffee Berry
  2. White and Green Teas: keep skin hydrated while neutralize any form of air pollution
  3. Asthaxanthin: comes from the chemical group of carotenoid which comes from microalgeas and is considered one of the most potent antioxidants. It prevents induced UV damage such as  skin thickening, melanin production and collagen degradation.
  4. Ergothioneine: another potent antioxidant found in mushrooms proven to be greater that CoQ10. It energizes your skin cell level by feeding fatty acids into the mitchondria, aka powerhouse of the cell, to use oxygen more efficiently. Prevents cell oxidation.
  5. Garden Sprout Extract: another oxidant rich ingredient which mainly helps in inhibiting melanin production thus leaving the skin brighter.
  6. Pear, Hibiscus and Assafoetida:  protects the skin from damage from by UV rays which causes premature aging and inflammation.

Wow! Ingredients like that don’t just look good in label but also on my skin. I’ve gotten compliments of how glowing my skin is ( thank you, skincare fam!) and I blame it on this. It comes in a frosted, pump bottle which has a pretty innovative lock mechanism to prevent accidentally spilling the product out. The serum itself has a bright orange color to it due to the asthaxanthin and applies very nicely onto my skin.


I initially used this on its own but I found out that it felt too drying and I remembered that they mentioned it could be mixed into other products like moisturizers or lotions, so that’s what I did and boy my skin is one happy kid right now. I don’t look tired at all, my skin is glowing and it just has that healthy sheen to it. I primarily use this in the morning (but sometimes interchangeably) together with my Benton Green Tea Lotion/ Dear Klairs Blue Calming Cream/ Rooki Beauty  Superfood Saviour Creme but really I mix it up with whatever my skin needs at the moment.  Another product I consider my HG because why not?

Ciao Lines


I started using this eye gel the same time as the Face Detox serum, to be honest, I got the two mixed up at first. I was using the latter on my eyes and I was so confused as to why it felt so dry and then when I read the label…


I love that this is an eye gel format and comes in a pump bottle. I had a previous eye gel before but it was housed in a dropper style bottle and it was so hard to get product out of it, so this design was a real welcome for me, this was also the reason why I chose this to be included in the package. Just like the Face Detox serum, this is also full of good, quality ingredients that have many benefits to the skin.

  1. SNAP-8 or Acetyl Octapeptide-3: this doesn’t have that much research on it but it helps with  muscle contraction resulting to a more relaxed fine lines and wrinkles. It  also has humectant and moisturizing properties.
  2. Sweet Almond Extract: moisturizes the skin and has antioxidant properties with Vit. E component. Helps smoothe out the skin and lessen fine lines.
  3.  Cyanocobalamin: there’s supposedly not that much research behind this ingredient but according to the brand this is a cell energizer.
  4. Ergothioneine: an antioxidant for counter acting free radical damage done to the skin.

I’m not the best person to judge anti-aging products especially eye gels but I do find in eye gels are its hydrating properties. I used to have dry under eye area that up to the point it would kind of irritate when I swipe a finger over it. I also had issues with milia so anything that has a thicker consistency I would always be afraid to use it. So when I got this I was hoping hard that it won’t cause any reactions to my skin.


I’m happy to report that this didn’t cause or bring out more milia and it was really hydrating my skin. You can feel a tightening effect after putting this on especially on my forehead area which I applied some too. It spreads so easily onto my skin and has this cooling effects, like I just drenched my underye area with water. Amazing. I would massage it in and wait for a few moments to have it fully absorb. I would love to test it on my neck next time so I’ll update it here soon. This is a bit tricky to use because you’re not supposed to use an oil-based moisturizer after applying this so I only use this in the morning after toning my skin and before I use my Bento Green Tea Lotion or any lightweight creams that I have. I would definitely buy this again but unlike the serum or the cleanser, I wouldn’t do it immediately once I’m out.


I hope you enjoyed reading my first ever brand spotlight and I’ll be uploading my review on the Nite Nite Masque soon after I give it a few more go.

As usual, follow me on my Instagram  page @skin_newb

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