May fave: Soroci Fucoidan Peeling & Soothing Pads

I’ve reviewed these babies over on my Instagram page so if you want a more in depth review you can check it out there. What I’ll write here is as to why I consider these two products my skincare fave for the month of May.

First off, hands off to the Soroci Korea team for another great, amazing set of products. If you’ve followed me from the beginning, I did a review for their creams last year and they weren’t a disappointment and so are their newly launched peel and soothe pads.

A little background on the main ingredient used for these pads which is Fucoidan. It is a type of polysaccharide extracted from brown algae know to have anti-cancer & antioxidant benefits. For skincare it has the same antioxidant benefits which helps with UV damage and anti-aging properties as well.

So, the question is which of the two variants is my number one? Well, it definitely goes to the Soothing Pads.

Besides the benefits from the main ingredient fucoidan, it also boasts some amazing hydrating, soothing and brightening ingredients. I love the composition of the formula with the addition of Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate which helps even out skin tone and added antioxidant benefits.

The pad is soaked through with so much essence that I just feel my newly cleansed skin drenched and hydrated with all the good stuff. Even though it’s pretty soaked it’s not up to the point that it’s dripping with essence, which I love because then it wouldn’t be so messy for me. This is the perfect day ender, especially when you’ve just spent the whole day under the sun, cooling down with this is such an amazing feeling.

Even though I chose the Soothing pads as my number one pick, the Peeling pads isn’t something that should be taken under the rug, forgotten. It has the mildest of effects on my skin and isn’t something that you can see overnight but has more of an accumulative result.

It has PHA from Gluconolactone which has a bigger molecular size than AHAs perfect for sensitive or sensitized skin which I had during my 2 week beach vacay. What made it perfect for me is the equal balance of skin soothers making it less abrasive or too much for the skin.

The greatest shown result I have from using this is on my milia. I had 4 on my underye area which were bothering me ever since I knew how to be conscious of my skin. I didn’t notice them gone until the I stopped using the pads. I was shocked and amazed because I’ve used a cleanser before which helped with my milia but had left my skin sensitized and raw. But not this.

I’ve used both for a little over 2 weeks but I’ve come to love them for the results I’ve seen and the effects it has on my skin. I would definitely repurchase these with my own money, but hey, I’m still open to some freebies from the Soroci team *wink wink*. You can check them out through their IG page or through their website.

Hope you enjoyed reading my month of May fave and you can definitely leave a comment below or check out my IG page for more skincare stuff.

Instagram @skin_newb

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