My go-to makeup looks this summer featuring Hey Sundays

All is well in the Philippines with summer having her way with our skin this El Niño season. Is your sunscreen game stronger? Any summer plans out there though? Me? Well I’ve been to the beach for 2 weeks now and I am not even remotely bored. But being on vacation, at a remote area, means I don’t wear my makeup that often. With the 30°C plus weather here in the Philippines, it’s impossible for me to maintain any form of makeup so I go bare faced all day, everyday.

But while I was still in the city and went out, these are the makeup looks that I always came back to. These looks will feature a newly discovered Filipino makeup brand and let me just say that I am in love with their newly launched matte lippies.


Forgive me for this facial expression, I was looking directly at the sun to get this shot.

For this one shade of pink look, I mainly used two products. One, is the Luxe the Ultimatte Lipsticks from Hey Sundays in the shade Stella, which is a “dusty rose pink” shade. I topped my lids and cheeks with the Aura Cheek Collection from Vice Cosmetics in Talyada which is their “warm, deep plum” blush shade.

Both of these brands are proudly Filipino made.

As for the lips, I realized that Stella was too light of a shade for my skin tone and that it totally washed out my natural color, so I decided to apply the Water Candy Tint in Red Mango from The Saem to balance out the cool tone of lipstick.

Topped Stella with Red Mango lip tint

BASE MAKEUP: V & M Naturals Summer Gold Serum Primer Brightening Synergy and Serum Foundation in Hazelnut.


I used Callista on my cheeks as well.

Why not channel my love for sunsets into makeup? Well, I kind of did with this look right here. I used an orange, metallic eyeshadow as the base and another Hey Sundays Ultimatte Lipstick in Callista, which is described as a red, terracotta colour as the contour shade for the outer corner of my lids. I love the pigments of both shades and Callista has the perfect undertone for my color. I find that it’s better to use a dense brush or wet sponge to apply it but fingers are also fine as well.

Looking at this picture made me realize how ridiculously good looking my brows are. Generally, I prefer full, bushy looking brows so I use brow gels to give that feel. For my browsp look here, I used Elf Cosmetics Instant Lift Eyebrow Pencil to line my brows while using their Lock on Liner and Brow Cream to fill in the gaps in between. I then layered over a brow gel from Innisfree and I always start at the outer corner then work my way inward to “scrunch” the look a bit then fine tune it by going it over again but this time I start from the inner corner.

Also used the Jouer Cosmetics Rose Gold highlighter and The Saem Red Mango lip tint.

BASE MAKEUP: Vice Cosmetics Duo Finish Foundation in So Pinay. Applied it with a dry sponge.

I hope you all loved this new post and go check out Hey Sundays on Instagram and check out all of their other makeup products. They have a wide range of lipsticks that can be used universally, highlighter shades among many other products.

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @skin_newb for more skincare reviews and whatnots.

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