REVIEW: Benton Aloe Hyaluron Cream

First of all I would like to thank Benton Cosmetic for providing me this product to review.

Benton backstory

The brand name Benton came from the movie “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” wherein the lead character grows younger with age. Benton translated the movie’s plot to their skincare line aiming to bring back our skin’s natural youthful radiance. They formulate their products with safe ingredients and are always freshly made in small batches. The brand is cruelty-free as well.

Product Overview

Aloe Hyaluron Cream

What it is:

  • It is a white, lightweight cream that is formulated with 40% Aloe Vera Leaf Water which is rich in polysaccharides. It also has 7 Hyaluronic Acid Complex for the added hydration.
  • This can be used as the last step for any skincare routine and leaves the skin without any stickiness but is hydrated, soothed and moisturized. Intended for skipcare for those minimal routine days
  • This is devoid of any artificial fragrance, coloring, alcohol, PEGs and is dermatologically tested and is mildly acidic.

Ingredients Spotlight:

  • Aloe Vera Leaf Water is achieved by a combination of Aloe Vera Leaf powder and by freeze drying a concentration of Aloe Vera Leaf Juice. It is then melted to gain the result of the Leaf Water which is used in this cream’s formulation. This adds with extra hydration and helps soothe sensitized/sensitive skin.
  • 7 Hyaluronic Acid Complex is composed of 7 different molecular sized hyaluronic acids intended to penetrate different levels of the skin. 3 different molecular sized Sodium Hyaluronate targets the different layers of the skin while Hydrolyzed Sodium Hyaluronate helps infiltrate deeper into the skin giving hydration to damaged skin. Hyaluronic Acids in general are rich in polysaccharides which help protect the skin from external stressors while Hydrolyzed Sodium Hyaluronate and Sodium Hyaluronate Crosspolymer brings moisture to damaged, sensitized/sensitive skin.

Product Claims:

  • Dry but oily, unbalanced skin.
  • Rough, dull skin texture
  • Intended for a more minimal skincare routine or skipcare
  • Sensitive or sensitized skin due to external factors
  • For skin needing extra moisture and protection

Product Impressions:

  • Upon first use the texture is indeed light and creamy somewhat kind gel like formula. The texture actually reminds me of the Klairs Soft Airy UV Essence, especially with how it blends and feels on my skin.
  • This is a product that I was most excited to try being that I was on vacation by the beach and would need the extra soothing and hydration that the ingredients would bring. It did not disappoint when I had a sunburn issue on my shoulders and it soothed it almost instantly.

As you can see there is some redness on my left shoulder due to too much time under the sun. My skin felt sensitive at this point and would sting when touched.
It is clear how there is reduced redness on my shoulders and on some level has soothed and moisturized my skin.

  • The soothing effect also translates to the skin on my face. It is very moisturizing yet lightweight but seems to be too thick for my skin. I prefer using this at night time so that I won’t feel too oily in the day. It blends and absorbs really well on my face but not so much for my arms and legs and takes time.
  • I have used this as my last step of my 3 step skipcare routine and my face thanks me for it. With the heat you can only add so much products without weighing down your face and this has helped with bringing in the extra hydration and overall moisture.


Another clear picture of how effective the cream is at soothing down redness and overall feeling.


Overall, I like the product as a body cream especially for soothing and cooling down the body temperature. My only issue with this is its tendency to leave a white cast upon spreading the product which I can totally live with but it’s something that should be worked on. I’d give this product a 4.8/5 🌟 rating.

Hope you loved my review of this newly launched product from Benton Cosmetic . It was given to me for review purposes but all opinions are my own.

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