What do you do when end up having an SPF that’s too pasty? Do you leave it together in your skincare purgatory or do you finds ways to make it work?

I’ve had this Magwai SPF since September of last year and have only used it once, during my trip to Bohol.

I didn’t reach for this as much because of its texture and spreadability. It was too thick for my liking and it created a white cast when applied to the skin. I previously mixed this with my Hada Labo lotion which helped quite a bit but never really something with wow factor. I planned to leave this at home but decided against it at the last minute and thank goodness I didn’t.

As you can see on the before & after pictures there is a considerable white cast even with just one layer of it and doesn’t blend well.


I recently bought this Aloe Gel from Aromatica at Style Korean and initially thought of using it as a part of my post beach skincare but apparently I was about to use it for something else entirely.

A little background on this 95% Organic Aloe Vera Gel..

“A gentle gel, formulated with USDA certified organic aloe vera gel, calms your skin immediately with no sticky residue, leaving skin moisturized and soft.”

Besides aloe vera it also has rosemary leaf extract giving it its noticeable scent. Lichen extract that soothes inflammed or sunburnt skin, Korean Pasque Flower Extract also has anti-inflammatory benefits while Korean pepper has anti-bacterial properties. All three are used in Korean cosmetics as a source of natural preservative.

This gel is as versatile as it gets. It can be used with face oils to form a sleeping pack, as a shaving cream (which I can totally vouch for and say that it worked really well and left my skin all smooth and supple) and as an essence booster. Check Aromatica’s website for more details.

Obviously, they can add SPF booster to their list of uses because this gel certainly does a good job at it! At first I was just curious as to how the texture would turn out after mixing it with my Magwai SPF and never really thought of applying it all over my skin, especially my face but I was proven wrong.

I do a ratio of 2:1 of aloe gel is to SPF.

I make sure that the volume of the aloe gel is bigger than that of the SPF’s to make the cocktail more hydrating and easier to spread.

With the addition of the aloe gel, it has made the SPF glide more easily over my skin, it isn’t perfect but it worked and I’m happy that it did. It didn’t quite help with the white cast issue but that’s something I can live with, I’m not too picky with white cast when it comes to SPFs that are meant for outdoor use.

For me both products together are my ~perfect combination~

Did you sing it in your head too? Don’t worry I did.

If you want experiment more ways to use this aloe gel, I have an affiliate link for the Aromatica 95% Organic Aloe Vera Gel on Style Korean that you can use when you purchase the said item.

I also have a review on the Magwai SPF on my Instagram page and will put a link on here soon but you can check out more about it on their website.

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