What’s in the bag??

What’s in the bag??

What’s in the bag???

Get it? Calm down it isn’t what it is 😉 but it is skincare related. As you all know I generally do not like sheetmasks, but I got some from a friend who visited SoKor last month. Any guesses what it is? Well, save your braincells because I’ll still share it here.

Featuring the SNP KOREA Rose Supercharged Mask

Excuse the very cute photobomber, he’s always so active when I do my photoshoots.


I seriously made the mistake of not taking a picture of the ingredients list because I  threw the packet out once I used it.

So the mask itself had a cover when I took it out and as someone who doesn’t use that much sheetmasks it was a struggle to remove it while keeping the shertmask from slipping off of my face. A total noob move. I appreciate brands who do this but really is it that necessary? Not only are sheetmasks single use, you add another layer of non-biodegrable film over it just to make it what, look cool? How about no.

I like to put on sheetmasks mid-day or in the afternoon when itsi hot and warm or when I can’t feel my face anymore due to the heat. So uoon application it was very cooling and had a scent to it. It wasn’t subtle, it wasn’t overpowering either. The cooling sensation lasted for more than 15 minutes but I did remove it after that time and placed it on my neck instead just to use up all the extra coolness.


After removal I didn’t notice any brightness although the cool sensation stayed for a little while longer. My face felt tacky which I didn’t like at all. I asked my aunt if she could smell the scent on my face and she said it could but pretty mild at best. I did forgot to mention that it didn’t pack that much of an essence inside the packet so a little plus point for that.

Overall, an okay product. Obviously I wouldn’t repurchase at all.


Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post. It’s been awhile since I wrote on here so I hope you like this! Don’t forget to follow me here and give it a likr and on my Instagram page @skin_newb

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