☀️ S O R O C I R E V I E W☀️

☀️ S O R O C I ☀️

🌴Soroci Korea Morning Drizzle Calming Cream🌴

This is part two of my SOROCI review and this all about the Morning Drizzle Calming Cream. And the same as the last post, I’ll share the product’s notable ingredients first and its corresponding benefits.

🌴Glycerin which is a natural humectant present on our skin. But for skincare it helps normalize the level of our skin’s hydration.
🌴Arbutin has brightening effects due to its inhibition of melanin, hindering the process of pigmentation.
🌴Adenosine helps in collagen production and protection of the skin barrier
🌴Tocopherol & Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate have antioxidants which neutralizes free radicals
🌴Superberry Extracts
🌴Sunflower & Jojoba seed oil extract are great moisturizers and help sooth and protect the skin frkm damage and irritants.
🌴Ulmus Davidiana Root Extract has anti-inflammatory & photoprotective properties that help our cells cope with damage caused by sunlight

At first, I was really dubious about this cream because for one thing it has Dimethicone in it which is great for clogging up our pores and secondly, me and creams have always had an iffy relationship. It’s quite rare for me to like cream type moisturizers because of the fact that it feels super occlusive and heavy on my face and would later on result to my face getting oily. Especially the morning after.

This cream claims to provide 24 hour moisture even for those with sensitive skin and for someone like me who has a combination skin type, leaning towards dry, it was not a bit disappointing. Here are my impressions on this product.

🌴 Has the same scent as the Waterdrop Cream which isn’t really too much.
🌴 The cream is easily spreadable onto the skin. Little product goes a long way for this, so I only use a pea sized amount on each part of my face.
🌴As compared to the Waterdrop cream, this has a more thick & creamy texture which I thought I would hate but ended up liking.
🌴 Made my skin super dewy at night.

Although the consistency is quite thick, it doesn’t feel heavy on the face. I’ve only ever woken up to “cute” skin and only a few spots of oiliness around my nose. During the first week I only used it at night time afraid that it may clog up my pores but after seeing positive results I decided to use it on alternate days during my AM routine and I couldn’t be more happier with my decision. This has been a staple to both my morning ang evening routine but I only target those areas that have pimples and some redness.

My face would feel so smooth and dewy afterwards and without the oily finish. It also has this antioxidants that I feel help in protecting the skin from pollution. That’s why breakouts haven’t been that sever and i got no bad reaction from this product, not even clogged pores. So happy.

I hope everyone gets to try these immensely underrated products from SOROCI because they are truly worth the money. For 34,000 won (₱723.40) for the Calming cream and 25,000 won for the Waterdrop cream (₱531.91) they are certainly worth it.

Cheers and I hope you have a happy, sunny day!

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