☀️S O R O C I R E V I E W☀️

☀️ S O R O C I☀️

Last month, I was given the chance by SOROCI to test out two of their products:

🔸Morning Drizzle Waterdrop Cream 🔸 Morning Drizzle Calming Cream.

For 2 weeks I’ve been using their products and so far I am not the least bit disappointed. This is my first ever review event and I hope you enjoy my views and experience with them.

First up a little bit of introduction on the brand itself. Soroci promotes all natural ingredients with their products, with the highlight being Blueberry or king berry. This fruit contains all sorts of antioxidants that helps in removing toxins from the body, in this case our skin. They use it in both of the creams that they have and both are also chock-full of great hydrating, moisturizing, anti-aging ingredients.

So let’s get started.

☀️Soroci Korea Morning Drizzle Waterdrop Cream☀️

As I’ve said these creams have great noteable ingredients that I’ll be listing out below with its benefits on our skin.

💧 Butylene Glycol & Sodium Hyalauronate are great humectants keeping the skin hydrated.
💧Squalane a great moisturizer and humectant. Helps in keeping the skin soft and plump and in controlling the oil production.
💧Pearl Extracts are high in antioxidants and helps in increasing the stimulation of collagen regeneration.
💧Superfood Extracts all having antioxidant properties making the skin look more younger-looking, supple and bright.
💧Morus Alba, Licorice, Rice Germ Extracts helps in evening out the skintone
💧Lavender Oil helps in normalizing the skin
💧Algae Extracts provide nourishment and hydration
💧Adenosine has soothing and anti-aging benefits

With just this ingredient list alone I could already tell that this cream was going to be good. The Waterdrop Cream claims to be hydrating and moisturizing to the skin while at the same time has skin brightening effects that refresh dull looking skin.

Here are my impressions on the product:

💧Its scent is super mild and not overbearing, almost to nothing, which reminds me of my Acwell toner.
💧The cream has a super runny and gloopy texture but once you warm it up on your palms it becomes all watery and lightweight which is great for layering.
💧It applies really well on my skin and leaves it plump and smooth. My skin feels more tight and “cute” and has a much more awake look to it.
💧Not tacky at all.

Ever since I ran out of my Hada Labo toner, I’ve been on the look out for an alternative. But when this cream came along, my search was postponed. Why? Because this is super hydrating. I treat it as like a hydrating essence which I layer onto my skin during my morning and evening skincare routine. I usually layer on 3-4 skins, since it is lightweight and watery and my skin drinks it up and ends up loving it.

Honestly, I’m quite sad I’m almost halfway done with the tub. I’ve been using daily and I hope I can find a good deal with this cream soon.

This is part 1 of my review, hope you find it helpful and simple which was my main goal. I’ll be uploading my part 2 tomorrow. Cheers and have a happy, sunny day!

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