Day 8 of Harry Potter themed skincare challenge

Today is finally the last day of the #SparklesandNargles challenge and I know I’m super late in posting this here, I just wanted to finish this series out so I can continue on my next posts.

We all know that Ate Luna likes her sheetmasks, and if she could, she’d be glad to sleep with one on. But, alas , we cannot. So, for the 8th and last day of this challenge, we were tasked to share our sheetmask collection.

Personally, I don’t collect or buy sheetmasks willingly. Unless, they’re gifted or if I really needed one badly then I’d go buy some. But for those random, impulse buys? That’s not going to be me.

So, without further interruptions, I present to you all my measly sheetmask collection..

So as of November, this collection has gone quite up a bit. A few have been added thanks to my friends from the skincare community. I also bought a pack for a future giveaway prize.

The main reason I don’t like sheetmasks is that they’re wasteful. This creates unnecessary waste which are non-biodegrable, especially with its packaging. As I have more than what I anticipated, I’m planning on using them all but put all the wastes inside an eco-brick.

What is an eco-brick? Basically, this is an empty 1-1.5L water bottle stuffed to the brim with non-biodegrable materials such as, plastic, straws, styrocups and more. This is aimed to reuse our wastes into a more sustainable alternative. One of the best ways to use an ecobrick is through housing construction or building furnitures.

I seriously got off track, but if you want more information on this eco-friendly and sustainable method you can visit tons of sites for this. I’ll link some below:


🔸Ecobrick Exchange


There are tons more than you can easily search. So start one now and make a difference.

Cheers and have a happy, sunny day!

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