Day 7 of the Harry Potter themed skincare challenge

Day 7 of the #SparkelsandNarglesChallenge

I’m sorry if I took a long time in posting the following days of the challenge. I was procrastinating real hard, and now that I resigned from my previous job, I have all the spare time that I want.

So for this challenge, it’s “The Seven Potters”. Basically, we share seven skincare products that we love. But, for me, I’ll be posting all the seven products that I had on my routine last month.

I’ll be introducing my products based on each step they are used. Without further notice, here is my October routine.

Double Cleanse:

🔸Rrawph Raspberry Babe Balm

🔸Herbs & Hyssop Purify Cleansing Foam


🔸V & M Naturals Cucumber + Guava Leaf Toner

🔸Cosrx AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner


🔸Hada Labo Gokujyun Hyalauronic Lotion


🔸Herbs & Hyssop Clear Facial Oil


🔸Rrawph Facial Serum

This is my baseline skincare regimen but on certain days I add up some detoxifying masks to remove extra gunk out. I also do physical exfoliation and pair it with a moisturizing wash-off mask afterwards. And to make it a little bit more extra, I sometimes apply a sleeping pack which just makes my face all plump the morning after.

How about you, guys. Do you have your 7 basic skincare staples too?

Hoping you all have a happy, sunny day!

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