Day 6 of the Harry Potter themed Skincare Challenge

Day 6 of #SparklesandNargles and today is really extra because I decided to post a video of it on Instagram and maybe here as well. So, for today the theme is “Tickle the Pear

Basically we share our most prized skincare hacks.

For a long time now, I’ve seen beauty influencers on Instagram raving about jade rollers and gua shas. They are used as a facial massager and helps with quick absorption of products onto the skin. They look really pretty in all their jade glory plus the pastel colors its made with is just swoon worthy.

BUT! They cost a mint! For a really good jade roller it’s usually more than a thousand pesos and more for the gua shas. For an average working Filipino, cashing out 1k+ on one item is just too much. I’d rather spend it on a whole bunch of different items rather than just on a singluar purchase.

So, I finally decided to post a dupe or hack on jade rollers which only costed me less than a hundred pesos. Is that a steal or what? I present to you my wooden facial massager …

Okay, you might think “WTH? This looks like a dildo!” But really it’s not. I found this little gem when we were shopping for souvenirs at a local shop. I bought this with a wooden sandwich spread “spreader”… I’m sorry I jist don’t know what it’s called, but if you do please comment down below.

Anyways! I initially used this to mix up my clay masks and never really thought about its intended purpose. Then I got into the whole jade roller bandwagon but thought they were really expensive. I looked up a few online shops for a much cheaper deal on the rollers, and then I stumbled upon a picture of this little wooden massager. I thought, “Hey, I have this. Might as well use it.”

Honestly, I didn’t use it immediately only a few days after, which I thought didn’t make a difference at first. But then I had this headache that was recurring for almost a week. The migraine was legit! I couldn’t look at my cellphone for a long time because it would just get worse. So, after a wee of my initial use, I decided to use it again and after 30 minutes of just gliding it onto my face…poof! My headache totally diminished. To add to that, the next day, I felt like my dried up pimples flattened even more. I was truly amazed!

Here’s a link of the  video of me doing the whole massage:

How I use my Facial Wooden Massager

Hope you guys enjoy this and you can always search on YouTube for guidelines on the proper facial massage. Here is one of the links that I’ve watched:

Facial Massage for Glowing Skin by Glamrs

Cheers and have a happy, sunny day!


Instagram @skin_newb



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