Day 5 of the Harry Potter themed skincare challenge

Day 5 of the #SparklesandNargles challenge, and for today’s theme we have “Fleur Delacour”.

“Not just a pretty face.” Pottermore

Which means we share products that we think are the prettiest in our collection.

I didn’t want to choose another product, because I already know which it will be. So instead of repeating another picture, decided to take a show of my entire skincare collection!

It’s still small for some, but to me it’s alot. And sometimes it’s a bit overwhelming to look at. So, may I present my Fleur Delacour…

This is my entire skincare collection. I mostly have local brands but I would still like to try a few Kbeauty products such as I’m From. Their masks look interesting especially the Honey variant (and you know me with honey, I love it!) and their Vitamin Tree mask is also a promising product for my skin.

I also want to delve a little bit into the western skincare brands such as Youth to the People, Farmacy and Fresh products, all of which are on my wishlist! But with all my wishlist from foreign brands, do I have the space for any local brands?

Uh, yeah!

I really want to try products from Apotheke Science, Finn the Label, Soak Opera. I’ve already ordered a detox clay mask and body soap from the latter and I’m just beyond excited.

Which products do you think are the prettiest in your collection. Comment down below your answers and I would love to know about them!

Cheers and have a happy, sunny day!

Instagram @skin_newb

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