Gratitude Post: BE MUSED KOREA Giveaway win

Guys! I really still can’t believe I won this product from a raffle giveaway from Be Mused Korea. I got the Ultra Bouquet Patch Mask from A. by BOM. The backstory to this is incredible and funny at the same time!

“Toner pad to make your skin a well-toned texture. ”

“The patch with a lot of essence leaves moisture in your skin.”

A. by BOM


There I was tuning in to the Be Mused Korea live raffle giveaway, they started with putting in names for the draw at the end of the video. By the middle of the live, I got hungry and couldn’t take it anymore. I logged out of Instagram and went to a nearby fast food restaurant. I was quietly eating my lunch when I decided to open up my IG account again.

To my surprise, my friends were chatting like mad men that I won and some congratulations. I was in total confusion and utter shock. I went back in to the BMK live just in time for them to pick up a new winner. But when I commented on the live they still considered my name and the new name they picked up. They ended up with two winners that day!

Fortunately, my internet data came just in time for me to claim my prize, because after 5 minutes I ran out of internet. To say that I was beyond ecstatic is true. I was shaking by the time I ended the live and continued eating. I did not eat in peace. I was still on high! After my lunch I chatted with my friends who helped me, and they were still under the adrenaline high as well.

Once again, this is a gratitude post for my giveaway prize from Be Mused Korea. Thank for s very pretty giveaway and I super love it! I’ll soon post a review on the product once I’ve used it a couple times.

Have you guys ever won a giveaway? How did you feel after seeing that notification on your screen? Share it here with me and let’s fangirl together.

Cheers and have a happy, sunny day!

Instagram @skin_newb

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