WHAT DID I GET? Hada Labo Gokujyun Hyalauronic Lotion & The Ordinary NMF Kbeauty Haul

For today, I’m going to be posting two products which I got during my shopping spree at Dara Beauty Market. I kind of decided to post two today because I think the last posts I did about my haul was just too long and it kinda felt a bit heavy and I didn’t want that.

So, without further a due, I present my Hada Labo Gokujyun Hyalauronic Lotion!

Whew! That was a mouthful huh? Besides its name, this dude right here is my holy grail (so far). Super simple formula with hyalauronic acid, which binds or attracts water to the skins surface making it hydrated. HA is one of the best humectants out there and it is my best friend.

Kidding aside, I really do love this product because it really helped me with my skin dryness. I used to have these flare ups on the skin around my nose, it would get so irritating and uncomfortable that I couldn’t take it most times. It would almost always happen when I have my period or when I spend too much time frolicking at the beach. But after applying this for the first time, it was just.. HALLELUJAH!!! I rarely get those flare ups nowadays and it’s all because of this product. I also look dewy AF!

Repurchase? Maybe not. Not because of its efficacy but because the company is not CRUELTY-FREE. I’d like to keep the standards of my skincare products clean and cruelty-free.

Second skincare product on the roster is The Ordinary’s Natural Moisturizing Factor!!!

Another product, another mouthful of a name. I was in need of a mosisturizer and after doing research and coming across hyalauronic acid, I had to get this. This has HA in its formulation which caught my eye and add to that, it’s really cheap! For us here in the Philippines, we would expect foreign products to be worth a lot, but The Ordinary really has some inexpensive yet good products in their line.

Anyways, this was a hook line and sinker moment for me. You got me at “HA”. I really love that this felt super lightweight on my face and that it came in a tube packaging which is a more hygenic design. Butttt, through the course of a month, I started having these breakouts on my chin and I panicked. I removed everything new from my line up with this included. So far, I haven’t tried this again (so sad). But if I’m brave enough again to give this another shot, maybe.

Repurchase? Truth be told, no idea.

Hope you enjoyed this and find it informative! I’ll soon be posting our 3rd day of the #SparklesandnarglesChallenge so keep in tune for that.

Cheers and have a happy, sunny day!

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