Day 2 of Harry Potter themed skincare challenge

Today is day 2 of #SparklesandnarglesChallenge all today’s topic theme is “Amortentia“.

“Amortentia is a love potion that causes a powerful infatuation or obsession in the drinker.” Harry Potter Wikia

The love potion’s scent varies to whoever a person likes. Just like in the movie, Hermione remembered the scent of freshly mowned grass and parchment, which all reminded her of Ron.

So for today, I’ll be posting four photos of my best scented skincare & makeup products. Most of what I have here are local brands, so if you have any questions about these just leave a comment down below or you can go to my Instagram page and read all my reviews about some of them.

First pair is…

Rrawph‘s Waterbaby Watermelon Sunblock and Raspberry Babe Balm. These babies smell like summer. Nothing reminds you of the beach and the sun than a good sunscreen and watermelon to cool you off after a day at the beach or just hanging at your house with no electricity on. The Raspberry Babe Balm’s texture and scent reminds me of strawberry ice cream on a cone just waiting for me eat it. YUM!

Second pair is…

V & M Naturals Stay Rosy Setting Powder and A By Bom Ultra Bouquet Patch Mask. Yup, you read that right. These two beauties are floral scented but unlike most products with fragrance in them, these are just subtle. I’ve never been to a flower garden before but I reckon it would smell like these. It’s also a plus that they come in such pretty packaging! A 100 points for good marketing!

My third pair comes in a more bulky and sudsy version…

Shampoo and Conditioner bars from Rrawph. I told you most of my products are locally made 🙂 So, for the the last few months I’ve transitioned from bottled up haircare products to a more eco-friendly variant. Here comes my shampoo and conditioner bars! Truth be told I haven’t used them that much yet to give a thorough review but, boy, their scents are just…love. These haircare bars are suitable for travel since you won’t make any waste, which their scents all but reminds me of Palawan. I have no idea why but that was the first thing that popped into my head.

And lastly, my all time favorites…

The Clear Y Rosy Scrub from V & M Naturals and my Yogurt Sleeping Mask from Rrawph. Dude, if you’re looking for fragrance that isn’t in a perfume bottle these babies right here is what you’re looking for. In one my reviews in IG I mentioned that the scrub has a romantic scent to it. A little bit rosy and little bit something else, which in all its 100g tub glory, reminds me of Beauty and the Beast. Now, you must think, why? Well, I can’t really explain it beyond that unless you buy it for yourself and experience it at your own homes.

As for the Yogurt Mask, it reminds me of sleep and my bed. Its texture is so creamy its like warm milk that you drink whenever you can’t fall asleep right away.

That’s it for the second day, guys. Hope you like my thoughts on these products.

Instagram @skin_newb

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