First off the bat, the ever loved by many. I present to you, the Cosrx Low pH Cleanser!!!

After all the research I’ve done via trolling blogs ang stalking Youtube skincare gurus like Renée (@gothamista) and Liah Yoo (@liahyoo) and so much more I reckon this would be a good fit for my skin. It has a pH 5.5 which mimics that of the skin making it suitable for all skin types out there. It also has tea tree which is good for acne-prone skin.

My first impression of this was: EGH!

Why? Because it has a very strong tea tree scent to it. The first few days of using this I had to breathe through my mouth, I couldn’t stomach its scent. But don’t get me wrong, this product does not have synthetic fragrance, it’s all natural. I just couldn’t handle it at first.

What’s good about the Low pH Cleanser though is that at the end of the day, it really does its job! It removed all the gunk out of my face and I could feel all the debris and whiteheads rolling around in the foam just waiting for me to rinse it clean. The pimples that popped out of nowhere were also a no-chance.with this product.

Although, it left my face clean, but as a person who has a dry U-zone, it felt too drying for me. I always ended up with the “squeaky clean” feeling which isn’t good for the skin and the skin barrier. In the end, I used it together with another cleanser, the latter I used on my U-zone which was hydrating for my skin afterwards and the Low pH just on my T-zone or on the oilier parts of my face.

Would I repurchase this? Definitely, no. One: because it’s too drying for me. Two: somehow I have a another tea tree cleanser with me, but I keep having breakouts. Three: I hate the tea tree scent.

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