WHAT DID I GET? Cosrx AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner KBEAUTY HAUL

Still from the family of Cosrx, I present the AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner!!! Ding ding ding!

Obviously I got this because the brand was super hyped up! Also I wanted a product that came from the same brand so as to not confuse my skin with different formulations. In my head, I thought that these products will go smoothly together that there won’t be any major issues that may result. Keeping it safe, don’t you think?

So this contains AHA & BHA which are exfoliating acids. AHA is targeted for removing dead skin cells on the surface and has hydrating properties. BHA, on the other hand, cleans out pores deeper than its AHA counterpart but has a drying effects on the skin.

From a basic standpoint, AHAs are targeted for whiteheads, which are dead skin cells and sebum which causes clogged pores. Whereas, BHAs are for those pesky blackheads that never seem TO.GO.AWAY.

I used this after my double cleansing only in the night time because I was cautious about developing sensitivity to UV rays while using acids in my routine. Also, this was a bit on the dry side so I tend to use it at night where I apply more products to my skin. I kind of wanted to like this but I don’t think it ever did anything to my skin.

My fellow skincare junkie from Cebu, Ate Gie @tie_passionblog, that this toner was just too mild to do anything. I really respect Ate Gie’s views on skincare since she’s been at this community for a longer time. In addition, I kind of purged around my chin, a cluster of whiteheads just popped out of nowhere which I think was caused by this. #SoSad

Would I repurchase? How about a NO. I don’t really need to give more reasons do I?

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