Hi, Jzan here! For the next few days I’ll be updating more of my reviews here on my blog (Hah! It sounds so weirs to my newly minted ears) and I’ll be starting with my kbeauty products!

I started to get serious with skincare just this August. That was also the time that I created a new Instagram page solely focusing on skincare and my journey to better skin days. I researched for awhile about which products would suit my skintype (I’m combination-oily) but also being influenced by the bandwagon of over-raved products. I was completely blinded by the reviews and mostly chose based on instincts and gut feeling. I felt like I was completely lost.

I searched for different kbeauty resellers on Instagram and found about a local store here in Cebu, which sells their products at a discounted price as compared to other resellers online. I came to Dara Beauty Market and what almost felt like heaven! I was surrounded with these array of different skincare items and brands which have the best packaging. If I wasn’t careful at that time I would’ve gone broke. I put items on my cart like a mad woman craving for sustenance. But, thank goodness my common sense came just in time. I filtered all the products in my cart and only chose those that had the best reviews and mostly what I was lacking from my current stash. I ended up paying a little over ₱2000 as compared to my previous which was way way more.


For the next few days or hours I’ll be sharing the items I got during that haul and my opinions on those items. I hope you’ll find my experience relatable and I wouldn’t mind you guys sharing your skincare hauls as well. Just comment down below.

Cheers and have a sunny day!

Instagram: @skin_newb

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