Getting. To. Know ME

HI there, everyone! I started this WordPress account a few years back and I never got into it. But now that I have lots of free time on my hands, I wanted to give this another shot.

So, to start off my name is Mary Jzanelle, but you all can call me Jzan (with a silent “z”). My new friends always get a good chuckle every time I try and explain the pronunciation and the history of my name. I’m from the Philippines, BTW. I am a certified skincare hoarder but mostly, I have local products but I am willing to dive deep into the realms of the Eastern and Western skincare world.

I’ll be posting mainly my reviews on a few skincare products here but if you’re too lazy to read here I do have an Instagram account (IG handle: skin_newb). I am still fairly new with skincare so you won’t see any sto

ries on different ingredients, which products are suitable for each skintype and etc. This will be all about my experiences with my current stash, IG challenges and probably my skincare wishlist.

That is all and wishing everyone a sunny day!

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