First ever skincare post: Harry Potter themed Skincare Challenge

This week we started a new skincare challenge hosted by the ever pretty Ate Luna (@sparklesandnargles) which will take 7 days long. This starts today, October 11th upto the 18th which will be Ate Luna’s birthday!

The theme for this challenge is Harry Potter since this is her favorite series of all time! The first day of the challenge is to post skincare products that match our Hogwarts House. I got Hufflepuff which was a surprise for me since I don’t think I have most Hufflepuff traits. According to Pottermore, Hufflepuffs are loyal, patient, fair, hard-working and true. I guess I am with some of these traits but I’m not so sure about being patient though.

So here I present my Hufflepuff themed photo:

This all includes one of my favorite books: The Girl You Left Behind by Jojo Moyes. Guys, you got to read this book! An empty Sola Iced Tea bottle and two skincare products from my two favorite local brands. The Primer Serum from V & M Naturals and the Yogurt Sleeping Mask from Rrawph.

Hope you enjoy reading this quick rundown and if y’all are interested in joining this Harry Potter themed skincare challenge, you can all visit Ate Luna’s Instagram page @sparklesandnargles

Instagram @skin_newb

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